5 tips for setting up your craft room

May 02, 2018

Tips for setting up your craft room

If your spare closet is bursting with crafting materials like gift wrap, fabric, paper, ribbon, tape, paints, silk flowers, glitter, sparkles, bead, stamps, yarn, magazines/photos, pine cones, shells, gift bags, tissue, bows, stencils, sewing supplies, and more …Then you’re probably ready to set up your own dedicated crafting space. And we have some tips:

  1. Find a space. Use a corner of the basement, take over part of the laundry room or appropriate the extra bedroom.  If you can go bigger, think studio loft in the attic or over the garage.
  2. Get a work surface with room to spread out. An old door or plywood slab across a couple of 2-drawer files will give you plenty of room. A reclaimed and repainted desk can be as attractive as it is useful. For the photos here, we bought kitchen base cabinets and topped them with butcher block counters, both from Lowe’s.
  3. Score a desk chair. A rolling chair is handy for reaching to grab this or that and will save you constantly getting up to get things. An office supply or store like Target or Walmart has them at reasonable prices. If your work surface is taller (like our cabinets), you might get an adjustable stool to take the load off your feet during long crafting sessions.
  4. Be organized. Add shelving for storing bins, boxes and baskets full of craft materials. Search yard sales and thrift stores for bins and baskets or make your own pretty bins by covering shipping boxes with fabric and ribbon. Many stores put plastic lidded storage bins on sale after the Holidays. You also can install pegboard and add beribboned baskets to the hooks. Bulletin boards are ideal for pinning notes, photos, calendar, ideas and inspiration. Cover with fun fabric to complement your décor.

A craft room needs lots of storage, like these organizers from Simply Put

In our setup we installed cabinet organizers from Simply Put Thoughtfully Organized ® Storage and Organization, like pullout baskets and waste bins for storing gift wrap, ribbons, paints, markers and other craft supplies. A couple of tip out trays are a great place to store scissors, pencils, markers, pens, etc.

A sink front tray from Simply Put is handy for storing markers, pencils, scissors and more

5. Make labels to help keep track of the tools and supplies you have. A label machine is ideal for this. Or try our PRINTABLES, ideal for Avery Label 5164. Some are printed and some we left blank so you can add your own lettering.

Whatever you do, love your new space. Happy crafting!