4-plus ways to use waste bins we bet you never thought of

May 24, 2018

Who says trash cans are just for trash?  We can think of many uses that go way beyond using these receptacles to hold refuse.

Child’s play

Use waste bins in the playroom for storing of all kinds of toys, from the thousands of plastic building blocks your kids have collected to the seemingly endless supply of tiny doll shoes, purses and accessories. Here’s a super cute way to store those big stuffed animal friends that never seem to fit anywhere:

Use waste bins for toy storage

Bonus: Using pullouts can make clean up time quick and easy, too. Look for units with soft-close action like Simply Put Thoughtfully Organized® Double Pullout Waste Bins. They open easily and close softly without slamming, perfect for little hands and fingers!

Laundry help

Trash cans in the laundry room are perfect for sorting clothes

Trash bins in your laundry room cabinets are perfect for sorting clothes. Here, a pair of tandem rollout bins have plenty of capacity for separating the lights from the whites and dark clothes from bright colors. Then you can just slide ‘em in and stow everything away till wash day.

Wrap stash

Store and protect gift wrap in waste bins

To protect gift wrap and stop rolls from flattening or unrolling, stand them in tall waste cans. Take it a step further and use under-cabinet pullouts so you can roll bins open to see every kind of gift wrap you have. Count on these to keep wrapping paper neat and clean through birthdays and holidays and every occasion throughout the year.

Dog days

A place for everything and everything in its place is the rule in most homes, and that includes the dog’s stuff. Trash bins in kitchen cabinets make a great place to stash food, toys, grooming tools, snacks and more. It’s a convenient way to neatly store all things Fido in the right place. And that makes for a happy you and a happy dog!

Waste bins are ideal for keeping food and other items you need for the dog

The list goes on for ways to use these handy bins. Try some of these:

  • Umbrella storage
  • Keep extra blankets and throws on hand
  • Use as a catch-all for kids’ shoes
  • Store and haul sand toys to the beach
  • Keep bags of potting soil or fertilizer off the garage floor

What ideas do you have? Email Simply Put and let us know. Send pictures, and we’ll share!

All examples shown use Simply Put 27 Qt. Double Pullout Waste Bins with soft-close, exclusively for Lowe’s