Follow these steps to get organized in any room

Jun 15, 2018

Steps to get organized in any room

Trying to get organized around the house? Here are five steps for getting it done, no matter what room you’re in.

1. Remove everything. Whether you’re organizing kitchen cabinets, bedroom closet, bathroom or tool room start by emptying everything out. Move it all to a spot where you have room to spread out and sort.

Begin organizing by removing everything from cabinets, closets, etc.
First step: Clear everything out.


2. Categorize. Look through everything and broadly classify by general item type, for example: Large, small, used daily, seldom used, etc.

3. Sort. At the same time, separate items further into three piles, bins or bags labeled “Keep,” “Toss” or “Donate.” Choose a status for every item and be sure follow through with the donating and tossing. 

Keep, Donate, Toss
Keep, toss or donate: Choose one.  (Via The Shelving Store)


4. Plan. Take stock of your space and the items from the “Keep” pile. Imagine the room’s traffic patterns or your workflow to figure out where things will go. Put often-used items within reach; seldom-used things can be less accessible. In the kitchen, maybe the bread maker and fancy cake stand go into the cabinets above the fridge. Put your heavy, much-used cast iron skillets in the base cabinet next to the range. Utensils and flatware, dinnerware and glasses might go in drawers and cabinets that are within reach of the dishwasher, while measuring cups and spoons, knives and mixing bowls get stored nearest your food prep area.

A place for everything; everything in its place
A place for everything; everything in its place. Shown: Simply Put Thoughtfully Organized® Pullout Baskets


5. Organize. Once there’s a place for everything, get organizers to keep everything in place. Drawer dividers, under-cabinet rollout drawers and trash bins, tray dividers, lid organizers and more go a long way toward keeping things orderly. A few ideas for kitchen:

Pullout trash cans are super handy
Rollout waste bins are super handy for tucking away trash. Shown: Simply Put Two-way Waste Bin
  • Use hooks to hang your most-used pots on the wall near the range
  • Install pullout baskets and drawers in base cabinets so pots, pans and small appliances are easy to grab, even from the back.
Stack your plates and bowls
Stacking risers make the most of your cabinet's vertical space.
  • Make use of vertical space in upper cabinets by using wire risers to stack plates and bowls
  • Turntables and wire bins are perfect for organizing pantry staples
Turntables work great for storing pantry staples
A spin of the turntable let's you see what's on hand.
  • Stepped racks are ideal for storing and seeing spices
  • Over-the-door racks neatly hold bags or rolls of foil and plastic wrap
See all of your spices with a stepped rack
A stepped rack lets you take stock of all your spices.
  • Rollout waste bins keep trash and recyclables out of the way
  • Store pantry staples in clear jars and bins to see what you have at a glance. Use our pretty printable labels to know what's what.
Clear storage jars show what you have at a glance
Clear storage jars let you easily view their contents.


It will take some work initially, but once your rooms are well put together it will be so much easier to keep them that way. When you’re organized you spend less time looking for things, reaching for things or trying to work around the clutter. That means you’re less stressed, more productive – and you have more time for you.