Declutter your countertops in 15 minutes

Jan 22, 2018

Declutter your countertops

We never know how it happens, but within five minutes of walking in the door, a once-manageable countertop clutter can get out of control. The morning mess is still out, the mail is set down, the groceries are piled, and the keys and work bags are thrown on top. Can we ever walk into our home to find a clean, clear counter?

We’re here to tell you it can be done and to offer you a few simple tips to keep your countertop and food prep workspace organized.

OHIO rule
Ever heard of the OHIO rule? We hadn’t either until a friend recently told us she swears by it. So, what is it? OHIO stands for Only Handle It Once. The premise of the rule is simple: If you pick something up, or start to do something, finish what you started.

Grabbing the mail? OHIO! Throw away the junk mail, open your letters, and organize your bills. Cleaning the table after dinner? OHIO! Instead of putting your dishes on the counter and getting to them later, take the few extra minutes to wash them or put them in the dishwasher. Small tasks such as these shouldn’t be left undone – or left on the counter for later.

Trust us, once you start thinking this way, you’ll have a hard time forgetting your new rule: OHIO!

Put those appliances away
No, we are not talking about the coffee pot. We are talking about the toaster. Even though you may use a toaster each morning, small appliances like that should be put away after use, to create space and openness in your kitchen. As for appliances you rarely use? Donate them, place them on an out-of-the-way shelf, or store them in a closet or storage cupboard until needed. (Then don’t forget to put them away!)

Added drawer system

Hidden drawers
Do you know one of the biggest reasons people say their countertops are cluttered? They don’t have the cabinet SPACE to store everything! We beg to differ. You might think you don’t have the space, but we say you may not be maximizing the space you have. And we have a solution: install a pullout drawer system in your existing cabinets.

Countertop organization system
If you can’t find another place to store your keys, pens, mail, or other trinkets, invest in a small countertop organization system, such as a mail caddy – and remember to use it. Make a habit of placing your keys in their designated spot when you return home, and putting the mail in its slot. You’ll love the sense of organization and clear countertops your habits will create.

Keeping your countertop free from clutter doesn’t take a big investment. All it takes is a little time, a little thought, and don’t forget: OHIO!