Simple bathroom hacks to keep you organized

Jan 22, 2018

Most of us spend the precious few minutes we have in the morning in the bathroom. Between sips of coffee, we brush our teeth, do our hair, and freshen up for the day. Taking a few minutes to organize your bathroom can ease stress and give you a few more minutes’ peace (or sleep) before you start the day.


A few dollar store baskets are all you need to transform your bathroom cabinets. Once you have the baskets, label them, and dedicate each basket for a different use: one for medicine, one for hair products, one for make-up, etc. Now, instead of digging through a cram-packed cabinet, you can easily grab the basket that has what you need. Hello, stress-free morning!


Drawer organizers

Two words: drawer organizers
If you’re like a lot of us, the top drawer in your bathroom has seen better days. With toothbrushes and toothpaste residue, many could use a makeover – and a deep clean. To combat this, we suggest investing in a drawer organizer system to keep drawers clean and organized. A drawer organizer (or silverware tray in a pinch) will help your items stay in place, and allow for easy cleaning – just pull it out, wipe it down, and you’re done!

Hang it up
Small hooks placed on the inside of your cabinet doors will allow you to hang curling irons, hairdryers, small towels, and many other items that take up shelf space.

For an added bonus, install a magnetic strip on the inside of your cabinet or drawer. This will allow you to store bobby pins, tweezers, and other metal items – a great timesaver when you’re usually caught digging to find these small items.

Pullout trash can

Hide the trash
Instantly refresh your bathroom by storing your trash can in a cupboard. Placing your trash can in the cabinet will give you more floor space and conceal waste. For an updated look, install one of our pullout trash cans that slide in and out with ease, allowing simple removal and bag changes.

Create a refill bin
Don’t get caught without! Dedicate one of your new baskets to the items you use most frequently: cotton balls, cotton swabs, soaps, etc. Stocking up and storing these items will ensure they are always there when you need them.

We hope these tips help you start your day with a stress-free morning – and a few more sips of coffee.