7 simple ways to organize your kitchen

Jan 23, 2018

Everything in its place

1. Embrace mise en place
The French term, "mise en place," meaning “set in place,” is used most often when referring to organizing a workspace for cooking, but we think the rule applies just as much to the way you organize your home. By having everything put away in a space that makes sense in relation to the way you use it, your life will be made much easier.

Always walking across the kitchen to grab a spoon for your morning coffee? Think about changing the location of your silverware drawer. Bumping into your partner while trying to grab a pan for dinner? Move the pans out of the high traffic workspace area. By taking a little time to think about your typical kitchen workflow, you’ll save yourself time and alleviate stress while in the kitchen.

Store rarely used items


2. Store rarely used items
We know you love your stand mixer, but does it really need to be front and center in your pantry when you only use it a few times a year? Big appliances that you rarely use take up a lot of space that could be used for more frequently used items. When organizing your kitchen, follow this rule: if you don’t use it often, place it in a higher cabinet, pantry, or additional storage space in the home.


Use all of your space


3. Utilize your space – all of it!
Many of us have cupboards that are plagued by wasted space. These situations can be remedied by the installation of pullout shelving units. By installing two-tier pullout shelves in your lower cupboard spaces, you’ll be able to utilize the unusable top portions of your cupboards, as well as increase ease of storing and locating your items. Here at Simply Put Thoughtfully Organized ® Storage and Organization, we offer a wide range of easy-to-install pullout cabinet systems – find one that works for you!


Make use of drawer dividers

4. Drawer dividers
Many of us use a drawer organizing system for our silverware, but think of the possibilities! Draw dividers help us keep small items organized, so what about using them in your “junk drawer” for pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.? Or, what about updating your spice shelf to a spice drawer? Lay all the containers down, with the labels facing up – making them much easier to locate when needed. Drawer dividers can save you time and alleviate the headache of searching, and digging, for what you need.

Additional tip: Alphabetize your spices to find them that much quicker!

Hang items for easy access
Another way to maximize your space and organize your kitchen involves utilizing the backs of your cabinet and pantry doors. By hanging your paper towel, garbage bags, aluminum foil, or other items that come in rolls, you’ll always know where they are, and when you’re close to running out.

 Put away the trash

6. Put away the trash
Keep a clean look in your home by placing your trashcan in your pantry or a cupboard. Turning a cupboard into a pullout waste bin or waste and recycle combination will allow you to hide your garbage and maintain a fresh smelling kitchen. Installing one of these kits is easy and will keep your kitchen looking great.

Bonus: Placing the trash in a cupboard is a great way to keep kids or pets out of the trash can, too!

Label it


7. Label it
Labels can help you keep an organized kitchen in many ways. They can remind you when you’re running low on certain items, help you keep your pantry items in place, and create a streamlined look to your pantry. Organize your dry foods, like grains, cereals, and even pet food in canisters, and then label them accordingly. You can also label your spices, your shelves, and anything else you can think of to create order and organization in your kitchen.  

To help you get started with organizing your kitchen, we have created a list of free PRINTABLES. Use them to get going on your labeling and organizing project! Enjoy!